Ecoparadise Bed Pad

Mattress lining made of Ecoparadise polyester cotton that promotes blood circulations as you rest or sleep.

Reduces dust accumulation, neutralizes free radicals and repels harmful bacteria, leaving the room healthy and smelling fresh; slows down the outbreak of bed sores.

Recommended for bedridden person, cancer patient, diabetic patient, atopic dermatis patient and collage disease patient.

Sizes and Price:
• Double (120x200cm)
• Queen (150x190cm)
• King (180x190cm)

Ecoparadise Cushion

Durable, washable, and portable seat cushions; particularly helpful for office workers and long-distance travelers.

Cushion promotes blood circulation, relieves back aches, and reduces fatigue whether seated at home, in the office, or on the move in a car or a plane.

Size: 45x45cm

1. For traveling or long journeys Use the ecoparadise cushion to line your seat in cars, trains, airplanes and bus rides. Aches, pains and fatigue will be reduced or prevented.
2. Convenience The antioxidant cushion is actually a miniature version of our anti-oxidant bed pad. It makes it convenient to be used in hospitals or hotel rooms. Place it underneath the affected area. Pains willl be reduced and recovery wll be hastened.
3. At Work We spend countless hours sitting on our chair at our desk without regard for our health. The ecoparadise cushion will make your back feel better and therefore keeping you more alert and energetic.



Coming Soon

Ecoparadise Socks

Made of Ecoparadise polyester; is good for prolonged standing and long distance-travels. It reduces foot odor and keeps the feet warm.

Size: 25-27cm


Ecoparadise Pack PPE(Polyethylene)

Inhibits oxidation. It keeps food such as bread, rice, vegetables, and fruits (even clothing stored in them) fresh, for extended period of time; washable and reusable.

Pack Weight Loads: 3kg, 5kg, 10kg and 30kg.

1. Retention of Food Excellent to retain freshness of vegetables, fruits, meat, fish and even processed food. Do not steal tightly when in use.
2. Keep dirty clothes or laundry It helps removes bad odors of laundry kept in thse packs. Great for travelling.
3. Removes static electricity Eliminates static electricity. Place these plastic packs beneath electrical appliances to remove static. This will reduce dust from attaching to the appliances.
4. Reduces tobacco smell and foul smells Simply place the plastic pack on the dashboard of the car to reduce the smell of tobacco.
5. In drawers If placed in drawers, it will reduce smells and even scare away insects, thus proctecting your carefully stored items or clothings.


Ecoparadise Face Mask

Mask made from non-fibrous material. It is washable and reusable and is particularly useful in hazy and polluted environment. it helps breathing and keeps harmful airborne particles and bacteria away.

Recommended for those with asthmatic condition, cold, influenza, hay fever, and those particularly sensitive to dust and chemical compunds.

Size: Free


Ecoparadise Supporters for Wrist, Elbow, Ankle and Knee

Made from Ecoparadise polyester cotton; used in conjuction with sporting activities. Provides relief for painful joints, frequent cramps, and numbness resulting from poor blood circulation.

Size: Free, Stretchable


Insole Genki

Made from antioxidant fibers combined with the humidity-absorbing feature of diatomaceous earth. Absorbs moisture in the shoes, and work like a deodorizor.

Reduces tiredness when walking or standing for long periods. Good for long-distance flight, and sweaty feet.

Size: Free, adjustable.

Long-life. You can continue to use the insoles even after your shoes are worn out. Simply transfer them to the new pair.