Pirkare Multi-Purpose Soap  

Pirkare purifies sewage, river and seawater, as it cleans! It is made from recycled Soya bean oil, purified water, and our unique Ecoparadise "deoxidizing" solution.

Pirkare effectively breaks down the bonds that hold dirt and oily particles together. As deoxidizers, it has antirust properties.

Used for washing clothes, utensils, and floors; for bath; as shampoo and toothpaste. Pirkare is a high-yield fertilizer and eco-friendly pesticide.

*Awarded Gold at the Eco Products

Packaging Size: 1kg

1. Laundry Use 5gm (1 teaspoon) of PIRKARE for 40 liters of capacity of washing machine. The washing effect would be better if you dissolve the PIRKARE in the washing water one or two minutes before the actual use.  The use of softener is not required. Hang and dry the clothes quickly after washing. If you keep the wet clothes in the washing machine too long, the clothes will have wrinkles and smell.
2. Kitchen Utensils Washing Dissolve half of earpick amount of PIRKARE into 2 liters of water. Soak the utensils into the PIRKARE WATER and clean the dirts. Then rinse the utensils with water. For the heavy dirts such as cook-top, ventilating fan, you can apply the PIRKARE POWDER directly on top of the dirt and put a little amount of water. Then wipe off by wet towel, after a little while. Alternatively,  you can mix a slightly stronger PIRKARE WATER and spray this PIRKARE WATER to the dirt and leave it for 3 mins then wipe the dirt off by using a towel.
3. As bath salts PIRKARE POWDER in bath promotes blood circulation of the body and also heals skin quickly. USE 5g (1 teaspoon) of PIRKARE for 40 liters of hot water.
4. Car Washing Dissolve 15gm (3 teaspoon) into 30 liters of water. You may soak a cloth into the PIRKARE water and then wipe the car with the wet cloth. Once you have wiped the car, you may very lightly wash the car, then wipe using a dry cloth. Even without the wax, the car becomes very shiny and sheds rain well. Also the car would get dirty easily.
5. Plant and flowers growth promoter PIRKARE WATER has the effect of assisting the healthy growth of the flower and plants. For daily watering, add 1gm of PIRKARE to 10 liter of water. If watering the plant 2 to 3 times per week, add 2-3gm of PIRKARE to 10 liter of water. DO NOT APPLY PIRKARE POWDER DIRECTLY TO SOIL OR USE EXCESSIVELY.
6.. Flower arrangement/Ikebana Put 1/4 tablespoon of PIRKARE POWDER in the water of the flower vase. The cut flowers will last longer and leaves will remain green longer. The water does not smell even after 3 days.
7. Bath room wall and floor tile (mosaic or terrazoo) If wash daily, left over laundry water from washing machine can be used. If wash weekly, sprinkle a little powder on greasy, moldy surfaces. Then scrub gently with brush or rough surface material. Leave for 10 minutes. Scrub again then rinse with water.
8. Bath tub, grill, toilet and porcelain surface Add 1/4 tablespoon of PIRKARE into a spray bottle. Spray on surface and clean as usual.  For stubborn stains, sprinkle small amount of powder on top and scrub gently before rinsing.
9. Pots & Pans To remove stubborn stains, sprinkle a little on scrubbing sponge and scrub pot gently. Leaver for a few minutes, scrub again and rinse. The pot will be clear, shines and looks new.
10. Aquarium/Outdoor Pond enhance visibility coagulates or dissoloves sendiments to use, add PIRKARE into water in antioxidant pail and leave for 2 hours, then pour the PIRKARE WATER directly into the pond or aquarium. or add 1/4 tablespoon to a medium size aquarium direcltly. add to aquatic plants directly.
11. Plant/Insect Repellent add 5gm to 250cc of water. Spray on leaves of plants to repel bugs.
12. Pet bath shampoo add 1/4 tablespoon into 250cc of water.
13. Bathing lotion add 1/4 tablespoon into 250cc of water. Spray on body like normal bathing lotion.
14. Household insect repellent For first time cleaning, wet the floor and then sprinkle powder on wet floor. Use hard brush to scrub clean. Then clean the floor with water. For regular cleaning, wipe surface or spray surface with 1gm of PIRKARE in 10 liter of water. Insect will be deferred.
15. Removal and prevention of mold For first time cleaning, wet tiles and dirty area and apply PIRKARE POWDER on tiles and dirty area. Then scrub dirty area until dirts are removed. For normal usage, spray on floor with 1gm of PIRKARE in 10 liters of water and let it dry, preferably on a hot dry day.
16. Stain removal Apply a little powder on wet or fresh stain spot. Leave it for a while and then scrub gently and rinse with water.
17. Smell and odor remover Add 1 tablespoon of PIRAKRE POWDER into a small bucket. Soak dish cloth, damp and smelly clothes in the bucket for a few minutes.
18. Electrical products Soap the dust cloth to wipe home appliances such as personal computer & television.

*Pirkare Soap Powder also contains anti-rusting property


Kojo Densetsu Bar Soap

All purpose body soap, shampoo and facial cleanser that removes excessive sebum deposits and grime on the skin, while retaining its natural moisture.

As shampoo, it keeps the scalp healthy, aids in hair growth, and minimizes hair loss; it is baby-safe.

Works great combating dry skin, acne problems, ezcema while also being an excellent, hassle-free makeup remover.

Packaging: 90gm, solid bar.

1. Washing the face
In the palm of your hand, rub the bar soap into a nice and foamy lather. Apply lather to face and massage your face. Rinse off sufficiently. Refrain from using toners or other similar products. Your skin will be moist in about a week.
2. Make-up removal
Simply wash twice with Kojo Densetsu Bar Soap. Works even with water-proof makeup.
3. Cleansing
Massage a foamy lather gently to face, being cautious around the eye and mouth areas for those wearing make-up. Wash off with lukewarm water.
4. Shampoo
For short hair: Rinse hair with warm water and rub Kojo Densetsu Bar Soap directly onto hair. Massage into scalp and wash thorougly. Continuous washing with Kojo Densetsu Bar Soap helps control the excessive sebum found on scalp which therefore promotes hair growth. Do not combine usage with hair tonics, hair restorers and etc.
For long hair: Rub Kojo Densetsu Bar Soap directly to hair. Alternatively, you can rinse hair in a wash basin with diluted Kojo Densetsu Cream.
5. Stain removal
Remove stubborn stains on your favourite clothings. Rub the Kojo Densetsu Bar Soap to stains or blotches with a sponge or tootbrush.

Tamanoura Cream

Tamanoura facial cream is made of high grade camelia oil from the Goto Islands. It is recommended for daily use.

Stored in a deoxidizing pot, this moisturizing, anti-ageing cream removes blemishes, prevents the growth of bacteria, decreases pigmentation, decreases fine line and freckles, and most prominently, keeps your skin glowing and ever looking young!

Tamanoura facial cream can be also applied to the scalp to improve blood circulation, reduces grey hair and hastens recovery for small cuts, sores or wounds.

*Contains no fragrances, preservatives or coloring. Safe to be used on sensitive or dry skin.

Pakaging Size: 45gm, inside a deoxidizing pot.

For normal skin, apply a thin film of Tamanoura Cream, diluted about 10 times.
For sensitive, dry or problematic skin, apply a little bit at the forehead, nose and chin (T-zone) areas and slowly work the cream to the rest of the face. Pat in a small amount for areas with freckles and fine lines.

Kojo Densetsu Cream

Unique "wonder cream" made mainly of olive oil and Ecoparadise "deoxidizing" solution that protects, helps healing, and enhances skin conditions.

Relieves pain, numbness, muscle aches; is good for acne, scars, cuts and skin problems. Its antibacterial property keeps scalp healthy, encourages hair growth, and is also ideal as toothpaste.

It will leave your skin refreshed, radiant and supple.

*Contains no fragrances, preservatives or coloring.

Packaging size: 80gm in a tube


• Body and hand cream moisturizer
• Improves blood circulation
Hasten the recovery of bruises, cut and wounds.
Reduces and alleviate muscle pain due to over strain (back or shoulder pain)
Decreases pigmentation
Excellent for cracked heels and hands
Can be used for acne problems
Can be rub on scalp to improve circulation and to promote hair growth

How to use:
1. General usage Apply lightly and evenly on skin. Dilute with water if necessary. Apply before using cosmetic foundation or other cosmetic products.
2. Before and after activities Great for muscular and joint pains from vigorous activities. Apply before activities, to reduce aches and pains.
3. Chronic pain numbness Muscular and joint pains due to aging or numbness can be relieved. Relieving time may vary from minutes to hours, depending on the severity of pain.
4. Inflammation of skin Apply to cuts, grazes, scars, burns, dry skin and even acne. Skin heals faster and better. Relieve may vary from minutes to hours, depending on the severity of pain.

The catalystic effects of anti-oxidant solution is based on experiments and testimonials. It is not a medicine or medically-supplied item.

*Please do not keep in places with high temperatures or places with direct sunlight.
*If there are irritations or abnormalities after applying, please consult a doctor or dermatologist.
*Rinse with water immediately if in contact with eyes.