Ecoparadise Pail

"Magic Pail" that converts drinking into ionized water in hours, speeds up fermentation to produce "fruit enzymes" in days, and multiples the supply of your choice yogurt, in just hours! It can also retain freshness for certain products.  

Use it as storage bins to eliminate or reduce odor of organic wastes, or dirty laundrys.

Size: 10 liters

How to use?
1. Kitchen and food waste Storing kitchen waste in the pail will keep it from smelling badly for up to 1 week. The waste can be composted into organic fertilizers. Note: Meat and raw foods will produce a strong fermentation smell during this process.
2. Keep food and groceries longer Removes the stench of old-rice in just one day while keeping crop weevils away.
3. Soft alkaline water When you keep tap water in the pail, the water becomes softer after just a while. The water will become slightly alkaline ionized water. Consume as it is or use it for cooking to improve your health.
4. Fermented Drinks
1kg fruits
1kg sugar
5-6 liters of water

Mix all the ingredients together in the antioxidant pail. Stir thorougly until the sugar is dissolved. Keep in a bright and warm place. The mix will fermet into a nice wine-like, fermented drink in 5 days or longer. Taste the drink on the 3rd day. When it tastes ready, transfer it to another container or glass bottle. If kept too long in the pail, the drink will become over fermented and will turn into vinegar. *Do not close the lid tightly.
5. Making yoghurt

1 liter of lukewarm milk
1 large tablespoon of sugar

Mix the ingredients together in a pot. Stir throughly until sugar is dissolved. Place the mixture into the pail when the mixture reaches room temperature. Keep it in a warm place and cover the lid lightly.

The yoghurt should be done in 1 to 2 days. If 1 large tablesoon of yoghurt from a previous batch is mixed into the current batch, the process is faster.

If sugar is removed from the recipe, the end result is cheese.

Water Filter

Coming Soon

Ecoparadise Wax

Removes VOCs, formaldehyde and odor; for parquet floor; and furniture.

Packaging: 500ml, 4 liters.

Use Pirkare diluted 1000 times for cleaning and maintenance. Then, apply the wax to the floor or furniture for 3 to 4 layers.

Ecoparadise Ceramics for Water & Cooking Oil

Special ceramics that can be used for converting acidic water into alkaline water.

Can also be worn on the body to stimulate blood circulation.