Tamanoura facial cream is made of high grade camelia oil from the Goto Islands. It is recommended for daily use.

Stored in a deoxidizing pot, this moisturizing, anti-ageing cream removes blemishes, prevents the growth of bacteria, decreases pigmentation, decreases fine line and freckles, and most prominently, keeps your skin glowing and ever looking young!

Tamanoura facial cream can be also applied to the scalp to improve blood circulation, reduces grey hair and hastens recovery for small cuts, sores or wounds.

*Contains no fragrances, preservatives or coloring. Safe to be used on sensitive or dry skin.

Pakaging Size: 45gm, inside a deoxidizing pot.



Nik Fadzrina 23 October 2011

"I used the Tamanoura cream on my face while doing Ecoparadise hotbed therapy. After 40 minutes, my skin felt soft to the touch and looked brighter. The small blemishes and roughness from dryness also disappeared! I would use the cream as part of my daily skincare routine".