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Come experience the secrets of relaxation

Ecoparadise Antioxidant Hot Bed Therapy helps to improve overall health and well being through use of antioxidant enriched air and heat shock therapy.

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Come experience the secrets of relaxation.

Negate Free Radicals

Free radicals come from numerous sources like pollution, stress, toxins and also through normal bodily functions. Antioxidants negate free radical damage.

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Eco Construction

All of Ecoparadise Antioxidant Therapy Rooms are specially constructed using building materials imported from Hokkaido, Japan.

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Natural Relaxation

Customers will be able to sweat and detox while relaxing at the same time. Each session is for a maximum of 40 minutes, although it is recommended that customers exit early once they feel refreshed.

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Improved Well-being

Blood circulation will improve, lowered water retention, general health and immune system improvement & improved metabolism.

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  • I have been going for the hotbed therapy 3 times a week without fail. After the second month of the therapy, I noticed that my sinus problem had gone completely. And I can sleep better too. Furthermore, my body weight is decreasing gradually, how awesome! Now, I'm into my 4th. month of therapy and I am feeling so healthy inside out!
    Alice Hui
  • I have been a regular customer at Ecoparadise for quite a long time now, and I think its therapy is fantastic! The therapy provides me the opportunity to de-stress and rejuvenate myself after a hectic day at work, and I always end up feeling refreshed and relaxed after a session. My friends tell me I look younger as well! I highly recommend Ecoparadise to anyone who needs a little pick-me-up at the end of a long day.
    Yeo Seow Chung
  • I have been having the antioxidant treatment since late August this year! Here are the pictures of my Eczema improvement after I had the antioxidant treatment from Ecoparadise. Image 1 was taken after I had the 3rd treatment. Image 2 was taken a week later and Image 3 was taken a month after Image 2!
    Phyllis Chan
  • The anti-oxidant therapy has not only improved his appetite, at the same time there is an obvious enhancement on his big tummy that caused by his unhealthy eating lifestyle. Besides, after the therapy, his skin has also become more shiny, no more toxin, not even a pimple!
    Steven Cheong Chin Choon
  • After two years of Ecoparadise hot bed therapy treatment, my health has improved, I felt more energetic and comfortable, especially the arthritis problem that has troubled me for awhile. Moreover, my skin became smoother! That's great! The annoying spots on my face were totally gone too! It was so amazing! Now I'm having one therapy session everyday to detox as well as for slimming purposes. My body is tougher, healthier and slimmer! What a wonderful experience! Believe me, grab a chance to experience Ecoparadise therapy treatment immediately, and you'll find a healthy and wonderful life is just a few steps away. Good luck! 经过两年的Ecoparadise Spa治疗,我觉得自己的健康越来越好, 更精神,更舒服,尤其是一路以来疼痛的关节炎也改善了许多。 一向来我最注重的皮肤问题,竟然越来越柔滑和幼细了! 好棒!而烦恼我多年的黑斑,竟然全消失!天啊,这真的太神奇了! 现在的我每天都得去一趟spa去把所有身体的毒素都一一排出来, 同时达到瘦身的效果。我的身体现在比起以前更结实和消瘦了许多, 这实在是一种美妙的享受! 相信我,快去亲身体验Ecoparadise spa, 那健康及美好的生活就在你眼前!加油! Penny Chong Believe me! If you are a lazy bug, this would be the most effective and perfect way to replace the normal exercise. You just need to lay down and sleep for about 30 minutes, that's it! Interestingly, my nose sinus was gone! That's was awesome! Just can't believe it! Thanks to my best buddy who introduced me to this lovely Ecoparadise! I'm just loving it! Chan Sin E
    Penny Chong / Chan Sin E

Absorption of antioxidants will help assist the body’s natural ability to combat free radicals.

The Infinity of Beauty & Indulgence

Come experience the secrets of relaxation.

Secrets of relaxation

Ecoparadise uses proprietary building materials infused with the enzyme to build the special Ecoparadise Hot Bed Saunas.
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The Antioxidant Hot Bed Therapy helps to improve overall health and well being through the use of antioxidant enriched air and heat shock therapy.

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Come experience the secrets of relaxation.